About Us

The Huber Heights Amateur Radio Club was organized on Nov 3, 1979 to advance the hobby of Amateur Radio in the Huber Heights, Forest Ridge, and Quail Hollow, OH areas. Our current officers are:

  • President – Jim Storms – AB8YK
  • Vice-President – Phil Brown – AC8UW
  • Secretary – Norm Mau – W8LC
  • Treasurer – Stan Leeds – KC7EHJ
  • Call Sign Trustee – Ron Moorfield – W8ILC

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Yearly dues are $10.00 and are due each April.

Dues are payable at any meeting or by mailing to:
c/o Stan Leeds – KC7EHJ
5119 Rye Drive
Huber Heights, Ohio 45424


or mail to
NO8I QSL Manager
c/o Ron Moorefield W8ILC
1326 Quail Bend Cr.
Kettering,Ohio 45429


Ron – W8ILC Trustee of the Club’s NO8I License has copies available.
All members may have a copy if you want to use the call for a event or anything else.
Please let him know so no other member is using the call at the same time.
It is asked that a copy of the log be given to him for permanent record.

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